Attorney general needs to move on

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Jan Hudson

Attorney General Bill Schuette continues his fight to harm Michiganians by pursuing frivolous lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act.

First he fought to have the law declared unconstitutional and lost — the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the ACA does not violate the Constitution. Now he is fighting to end the premium tax credits for more than 144,000 Michiganians who have so far qualified for them.

Nearly 87% of those who have enrolled in a health plan in Michigan are eligible for premium tax credits to help them pay their insurance premiums. Why would he want to harm more than 144,000 people in his state — his neighbors, his friends, his constituents?

Attorney General Schuette joined a lawsuit that would eliminate premium tax credits for low- to moderate-income Michiganians. He argues because Michigan deferred to the federal government to operate its health insurance Marketplace rather than establishing its own, Michigan residents do not qualify for premium tax credits. According to the attorney general, the tax credits are not authorized in the law for those states that do not establish their own Marketplaces.

Yet both the debate surrounding the ACA and the law itself assumed premium tax credits would be available in all states. Congressional intent is very clear. All of the Congressional Budget Office estimates assume premium tax credits would be available in every state regardless of whether the state or federal government operates the Marketplace.

If premium tax credits are eliminated, many will be forced to forgo their newly acquired healthcare coverage and be forced to return to being uninsured. A central purpose of the Affordable Care Act is to make affordable healthcare coverage available to nearly every American. Without tax credits, coverage is simply unaffordable.

It is time for Mr. Schuette to uphold the Affordable Care Act, the law of the land, and to act on behalf of his constituents and their well-being.

— Jan Hudson

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