If there’s a will, there’s a way

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Judy Putnam

A new video and visually engaging report out today strongly makes the case for rebuilding the state’s education system, protecting Michigan’s abundant natural resources and investing in roads and our communities.

The project is called The Michigan Dream at Risk, from the Michigan Economic Center, an affiliate of Prima Civitas, a nonprofit organization that works to create resilient, adaptable communities in Michigan.

Gilda Z. Jacobs, the League’s president and CEO, and board members Charley Ballard and Bob Kleine were interviewed for the project.

“The Michigan dream can come back,’’ Jacobs says in the video. “We need to be sure that when Michigan is the comeback state, it’s the comeback state for everybody.’’

The project taps Michigan’s pride in its rich natural resources and its history as a place of economic opportunity. It also details the cuts in services and infrastructure that accompanied Michigan’s hard fall from 19th to 37th among the states for income.

This report comes on the heels of two other reports that highlight the need for Michigan to invest in the things that will grow our still-struggling economy. Michigan Future looked at Minnesota’s willingness to raise the revenue needed to pay for education and other services in contrast to Michigan’s tax cut and disinvestment strategy. Also, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities last week outlined steps for states to take to improve their economies.

An article in today’s Lansing State Journal on the Michigan Dream report was titled “New report paints bleak future for Michigan.’’ I would argue that a better headline would be: “New report offers a brighter future for Michigan.’’

As Ballard says in the video: “If we can mobilize the political will, unquestionably, we can achieve a much brighter future for Michigan.’’

— Judy Putnam


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