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Gilda Z. Jacobs

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Running for office is no picnic. It takes willpower, dedication, tireless supporters, long nights, longer days, good walking shoes and lots of coffee. I applaud the folks who are working this summer to earn the support of the people they want to represent—the job of campaigning is a tough one, indeed. And I know that everyone out there running for office believes they’re doing what’s right for their communities, but it’s easy for some leaders to lose sight of that goal when faced with partisan politics.

Here at the League, we have the advantage of a nonpartisan agenda. We’re able to fight for what we know will help the people of Michigan, and we don’t need to be concerned with mudslinging based on political parties. That doesn’t mean we don’t face challenges, though. And our biggest challenge right now comes from an attack not on Democrats or Republicans, but an attack on all Michiganders with low incomes.

We’ve been fighting Senate Bill 897, which will take healthcare from vulnerable Michiganders by placing harsh work requirements on Medicaid recipients. The House Appropriations Committee will take up this bill TOMORROW. If you haven’t already, please contact your lawmaker and tell them to oppose this bill. We’re so disturbed by this assault on Michiganders who already struggle to put food on the table—and we’re deeply concerned that they have become pawns in an election year blame game. People with low incomes are not the cause of our state’s problems, and lawmakers must stop spreading that harmful myth.

Act Now 275x275We’re committed to stopping this bill, and if reports of Governor Snyder agreeing to it are true, then we urge him to reconsider. This shortsighted bill would upend the Healthy Michigan Plan, which was built due to his successful efforts. No exemptions or amendments will make Senate Bill 897 a good piece of policy.

While the bill is deeply concerning, there are certainly some bright spots in our work lately. One of these is our involvement in the Promote the Vote Michigan campaign. We joined Promote the Vote early on because none of our goals as an organization can be met if Michigan doesn’t start with a foundation of fair elections. I encourage you to explore the campaign’s website and attend some of their training and advocacy meetings. Michiganders can’t win if they can’t count on a voting system that works for everyone.

In other election-related news, we’re also glad to see that the issue of earned sick leave should finally be making its way to the ballot in November. It’s just common sense to make sure people can stay home when illness hits them or their children. It’s better for workers, employers and the public good.

We also know that the 2019 state budget is close to being finalized, and we’re hopeful that with some additional revenue the Legislature will invest in programs and infrastructure that will help Michigan’s workers and families.

As we continue to work for Michigan this summer, we want to thank you for all you do to help the League. Whether it’s by following us on social media, sharing your story with us, or simply staying up to date on our activities through email, your support means the world to us. And if you support the work we do in spirit, please consider supporting it with a gift. We know that you may have many commitments during this election year, but your donation makes it possible for us to improve the lives of all Michiganders through policy and advocacy. Our goals don’t follow an election calendar—we’re fighting consistently and without partisanship to build a stronger Michigan.

And please don’t forget that we’re here for you. Our candidate questions, advocacy guides, interactive data and reports are designed to help you make a difference in your own communities. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like more information about how to use those resources.

Whether you’re knocking on doors, making phone calls or just spending time in the hammock, I wish you a wonderful start of the summer season.

— Gilda Z. Jacobs

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