MI Kids Count Data Books 2003 – 2017

These books contain ONLY the narrative on that year. For updated county specific data go to the latest kids count book or the data center.


2017: Kids Count in Michigan Data Book

2016: Child and Family Well-Being in Michigan

2015: Child and Family Well-Being in Michigan (Access to Healthcare: Fully immunized toddlers, ages 19-35 months (for the series 4:3:1:3:3:1:4) in Michigan was 74.3%)

2013: Child and Family Well-Being in Michigan

2012: Child and Family Well-Being

2011: Health Matters

2010: The Education Connection

2009: Place Matters

2008: A Focus on Young Children

2007:  A Focus on Healthy Children and Youth

2006: A Focus on Economic Security

2005: A Focus on Youth in Transition

2004: A Focus on Young Children

2003: A Focus on Children with Special Needs