New Ryan budget: Same as old, only worse

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Yannet Lathrop

Last year’s GOP budget proposal, penned by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, was so extreme that it was described as “Robin Hood in reverse—on steroids.”

This budget would have dismantled key components of the social safety net, while giving generous tax breaks to corporations and wealthy families and boosting defense spending.

Had it not been opposed by the Senate, the 2012 Ryan Budget would have inflicted great damage to Michigan —and in fact, to the country as a whole.

This year’s version of the Ryan Budget is basically the same old tired proposal that would cut domestic spending (this time by $800 billion), slash funding for non-defense discretionary programs (by over $1 trillion below the Budget Control Act caps), turn Medicare into a voucher program (defunding it by $356 billion), and “reform” Medicaid by turning it into a block grant (for a savings of $756 billion).

Only, the 2013 version goes even further…

If Rep. Paul Ryan and the House Leadership get their way this year, the Affordable Care Act would be repealed, leaving over 40 million people uninsured; the defense budget would be increased to the tune of $500 billion; and tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy drain at least $4.4 trillion from our national coffers.

Ryan’s latest budget proposal is not a serious and balanced approach to our fiscal troubles, but an irresponsible one that would take the country in the wrong fiscal and economic direction.

Rather than recycling old budget proposals that are not only irresponsible, but highly unpopular, what we need is a more balanced approach, such as the one recently proposed by Sen. Patty Murray. The Murray Budget includes new revenues, calls for new investments that will generate badly needed jobs, and does not shield defense from spending cuts.

— Yannet Lathrop

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