Healthcare Research and Advocacy-2018

A Crack in Michigan’s Foundation June 21, 2018

Budget Brief: League Advocates for Prioritization of Programs That Protect Michiganders’ Health May 11, 2018

Fact Sheet: SB 897: Medicaid Work Requirements Apr 30, 2018

Medicaid Work Requirements: Why Making People Work Doesn’t Work Mar 2018

Healthcare Research and Advocacy-2017

Fact Sheet: Clean Reauthorization of Federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Needed NOW Dec 2017

Still Hungry: Economic Recovery Leaves Many Michiganians Without Enough to Eat Aug 2017

Budget Brief: House and Senate Healthcare Budgets: A Mixed Bag for Families and Children May 2017

Budget Brief: Protect Healthcare for 650,000 Michiganians April 2017

Advocacy Page: Contact Congress today to oppose the American Health Care Act

Press Release: Major flaws exposed in U.S. House Republicans’ healthcare plan March 2017

Blog: How to think about health insurance and the Affordable Care Act March 2017

Fact Sheet: Medicaid block grants and per capita caps are bad for Michigan’s health March 2017

Blog: So many health factors are beyond our control

Fact Sheet: 10 reasons the Affordable Care Act is good for Michigan Feb 2017

Budget Brief: A first look at the governor’s 2017-2018 budget: Smart investments for families amidst revenue threats

Blog: Help protect the Affordable Care Act Jan 2017


Healthcare Research and Advocacy- Archives


Budget Brief: Promoting the Healthy Michigan Plan: Budget Cuts to Outreach Jeopardize Success Aug. 2016

Fact Sheet: Healthy Michigan Plan: A Great Deal for the State and Its Residents Aug. 2015

Fact Sheet: Healthy Michigan Plan second waiver Aug. 2015

Budget Brief: 2016 Community Health Budget continues key investments Aug. 2015

Blog: Happy 50th anniversary Medicaid July 2015

Final Push Needed to Expand Healthy Kids Dental Statewide (updated) July 2015

Budget Brief: Investments Needed in a Critical but Sometimes Overlooked Component of Healthcare April 2015

Fact Sheet: Governor’s Proposal Continues Healthy Kids Dental Expansion (updated) March 2015

Blog: Children’s Health Insurance Program in Jeopardy March 2015

Fact Sheet: Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Needed March 2015

Fact Sheet: It’s Time for Michigan to Clear the Air October 2014

Fact Sheet: Support Clean Energy in Michigan September 2014

Budget Brief: Community Health Budget Offers Key Investments in Healthy Workforce July 2014

Fact Sheet: Expand Healthy Kids Dental Statewide (updated) July 2014

House Subcommittee Approves Department of Community Health FY 2015 Budget April 2014

Letters to lawmakers and Gov. Snyder expressing concern over funding implementation of the Healthy Michigan Plan. March 21, 2014
Letter to lawmakers | Letter to Gov. Snyder

Fact Sheet: Healthy Michigan Plan (updated) April 2014

Fact Sheet: The Affordable Care Act in Michigan (updated) Feb. 2014

Fact Sheet: Healthy Kids Dental Program Feb. 2014

Michigan’s Health Insurance Marketplace Will Open for Business Oct. 1 | Executive Summary

Budget Brief: Legislative Action Completed on FY 2014 Budget for Community Health June 7, 2013

Letter from Medical Care Advisory Council to Chairman Mike Shirkey on HB 4714

Blog: Feds held hostage? May 17, 2013

Right Start in Michigan and Its Great Start Collaboratives 2013: Trends in Maternal and Infant Well-Being Report | Executive Summary May 8, 2013

Report: Medicaid Expansion Could Benefit Michigan Babies April 15, 2013

Action Alert: Sign petition to expand Medicaid April 9, 2013

Blog: Another big reason to expand Medicaid March 30, 2013

House subcommittee approves FY 2014 Community Health budget March 22, 2013

Statement: DCH budget March 20, 2013

Medicaid Expansion Benefits Veterans and the Economy March 2013

Blog: Casting low-income uninsured into the coverage chasm March 21, 2013

Blog: 18,000 new jobs! March 12, 2013

Blog: All hands on deck March 8, 2013

DCH Budget – Community Health February 2013

Medicaid Expansion: Saved from the Cliff or into the Chasm? February 2013

Action alert: Expand Medicaid January 2013