Consumer Connection

The Consumer Connection, which ceased publishing in 2010, was a publication of the Michigan Consumer Health Care Coalition and the Michigan League for Human Services (now the Michigan League for Public Policy.)

2010 Consumer Connection Reports

Reform Michigan’s Health Care System – Nov/Dec
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Implementation Continues with Milestones in September 2010 – Sept
The State’s Implementation of Federal Health Care Reform – June
The Health Care Reform Bill: What it means and does not mean – May
The History of U.S. Health Reform: A Bird’s Eye View – Jan/Feb

2009 Consumer Connection Reports

Update on the Nation’s Health Care Reform – Nov/Dec
Reform Debate Continues—At Both Federal and State Levels – June
National Health Care Reform: The Playing Field and Prospects for Comprehensive Change – May
Mental Health: Care and Consequences Update – February

2008 Consumer Connection Reports

Medicare Part D Update–Still Confusing – Dec
The Partisan Divide: The McCain and Obama Health Care PLans – Oct
Michigan’s Certificate of Need Program–Under duress? – Sept
Medicare Set To Implement Major New Strategy To Increase Patient Safety And Save Costs – June
Secondhand Smoke: Health Impacts and Smoke-Free Laws – May
A Primer on Diabetes–It Could Be in Your Future – Are you Informed? – March
Health Care Costs: An Increasing Burden – Jan

2007 Consumer Connection Reports

Single Point of Entry for Long-Term Care Services–Update – November
Home Health Care in Michigan – August
Questions are the Answer: Get More Involved with Your Health Care– May
Health Care Reform — On the Horizon – March