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Looming Tax Triggers Spell Trouble for Michigan May 30, 2018

Michigan Legislature Will Soon Make Final Decisions on 2019 State Budget May 16, 2018

New Federal Tax Plan Amplifies Inequalities May 16, 2018

U.S. House Farm Bill Goes in the Wrong Direction with SNAP Work Requirements May 9, 2018

SB 897: Medicaid Work Requirements Apr 30, 2018

Proposed Rule for “Public Charge” Provisions Endangers Michigan Immigrant Families’ Well-Being March 30, 2018

Minimum Wage Fact Sheets, March 2018:

Proposed Michigan Minimum Wage Increase
Raising Michigan Minimum Wage Helps Workers and Their Families
Who Benefits from Minimum Wage Increase to $12 by 2022
Eliminating Tipped Minimum Wage in Michigan

Clean Reauthorization of Federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Needed NOW Dec 11, 2017

A Warm Home Is A Healthy Home Dec 11, 2017

Neither the U.S. Senate nor House Tax Plan is Good for Michigan Dec 7, 2017

Most Michiganians Won’t Benefit from Tax Reform Nov 2, 2017

Advocacy Tools Sept 28, 2017

Top Threats in the Federal Budget Sept 28, 2017

Poverty Improves in 2016 for Michigan, Some Racial Groups Sept 18, 2017

Federal Budget Cuts Threaten Michigan: Michigan Is Second Most Reliant on Federal Funds in U.S. As Percentage of Total State Spending June 1, 2017

Think the Federal Budget Doesn’t Matter to States? (Federal Funds as a % of Michigan Budget) Mar 24, 2017

Who Benefits: Income tax rate cut to 3.9% helps wealthy most Feb 15, 2017

10 Reasons the Affordable Care Act is Good for Michigan Jan 31, 2017

Michigan League for Public Policy 2018 Budget Priorities Sept 24, 2016

Vote Yes for Regional Transit in Southeast Michigan Sept 22, 2016

Michigan Families Continue to Struggle Sept 22, 2016

Time to End Income Inequality: Michigan’s top 1% makes 22 times more than rest of workers July 26, 2016

Michigan Should Eliminate Its Asset Limit for Food Assistance July 14, 2016

Ask Your Candidates July 14,2016

It is time for Earned Sick Leave in Michigan June 7, 2016

Crises in Flint and Detroit Compound Toxic Stress, Health Risks Apr 1, 2016

Deplorable school conditions: Investing in the future of kids in Detroit and all of Michigan Mar 25, 2016

A Poison All Around Us: The Threat of Lead in Michigan Mar 18, 2016

Crumbling Roads, Poisoned Water and Unsafe Schools: The Effects of a Decade of Disinvestment Mar 10, 2016

A Blueprint for Disaster: Flint’s Crisis, State Government’s Challenges and the Policy Solutions to Both Mar 1, 2016

Michigan’s Budget: How Much Is There to Work With? Feb 9, 2016

Michigan Road Funding Plan 2015 at a Glance Dec 15, 2015

2015 Road Funding Plan Benefits Wealthy Most Dec 15, 2015

$800M Budget Squeeze Looms With 2015 Road Funding Plan Dec 15, 2015

Earned Paid Sick Days Support Public Health for All Children and Families Dec 2, 2015

Earned Paid Sick Time Benefits Workers, Businesses and Customers Oct 19, 2015

Survivors of Violence and Sexual Assault Need Earned Paid Sick Time Oct 15, 2015

Who Pays More? The Case for a Fairer Income Tax Oct 5, 2015

Poverty is Still Too High in Michigan Oct 2, 2015

Healthy Michigan Plan: A Great Deal for the State and Its Residents Aug 25, 2015

Healthy Michigan Plan Second Waiver Aug 20, 2015

Save Our Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit July 23, 2015

Time to Care: Earned Sick Leave July 15, 2015

Save the EITC – Don’t raise taxes on the working poor May 21, 2015

Governor’s Proposal Continues healthy Kids Dental Expansion March 31, 2015

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Needed March 25, 2015

Cutting Off Assistance to Families Won’t Improve School Attendance, Will Drive Up Poverty March 25, 2015

Promoting Early Literacy in Michigan March 25, 2015

A Solution at Last to Michigan’s Crumbling Roads: Why the Road Funding Ballot Proposal is A Win-Win for Everyone Feb.11, 2015

Income Tax Cuts: Financially Irresponsible and No Economic Benefits Feb. 20, 2015

Restoring the Michigan EITC Will Help Working Families Jan. 20, 2015

State’s Failure to Guarantee Child Care Safety Places Children at Risk Jan. 8, 2015

Michigan Families Continue to Struggle Since Recession December 2014

It’s Time for Michigan to Clear the Air  October 2014

Pay Falls for Men Earning Low Wages, Yet Women Far Behind September 2014

Michigan’s Financial Aid Leaves Out Adult Learners at Public Institutions September 2014

Support Clean Energy in Michigan September 2014

Michigan Flunks College Affordability August 2014

Education Funding Lags in Michigan August 2014

Michigan ranks behind most states when it comes to education July 2014

What do we know about third-grade retention? (updated) July 2014

Expand Healthy Kids Dental Statewide (updated) July 2014

Cuts to Michigan EITC Raise Taxes on Working Families April 2014

Raising the Minimum Wage Helps Women, Promotes Pay Equity April 2014

Healthy Michigan Plan March 2014

Restore Michigan’s EITC to Help Working Families (updated) March 2014

Rebuilding the MI Homestead Property Tax Credit March 2014

The Affordable Care Act in Michigan (updated) February 2014

Lopsided income growth in Michigan February 2014


Raising the Minimum Wage: Good for Working Families, Good for Michigan’s Economy

– See more at: http://www.milhs.org/publications-reports/reports-by-date#sthash.ooNrgSJ5.dpuf


Raising the Minimum Wage: Good for Working Families, Good for Michigan’s Economy

– See more at: http://www.milhs.org/publications-reports/reports-by-date#sthash.ooNrgSJ5.dpuf

Raising the Minimum Wage: Good for Working Families, Good for Michigan’s Economy February 2014

Recession’s Impact Longer in Michigan November 2013

10 Ways to Improve Michigan’s Economy November 2013

Big changes for taxpayers as tax changes kick in January 2013

How Medicaid Expansion Benefits Veterans and the Economy March 2013

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