2018 Reports


Budget Brief: Highlights of the 2019 State Budget

A Crack in Michigan’s Foundation


Ask Your Candidates

Fact Sheet: Looming Tax Triggers Spell Trouble for Michigan

Fact Sheet: Michigan Legislature Will Soon Make Final Decisions on 2019 State Budget

Fact Sheet: New Federal Tax Plan Amplifies Inequalities

The Looming Danger of Tax Cut Triggers in Michigan

Budget Brief: League Advocates for Prioritization of Programs That Protect Michiganders’ Health

Fact Sheet: U.S. House Farm Bill Goes in the Wrong Direction with SNAP Work Requirements

Budget Brief: House and Senate Human Services budgets Do Little to Address Childhood Poverty

Budget Brief: Adequate Funding Needed to Make Postsecondary Education More Accessible

Testimony: Presented to the House Appropriations Committee: SB 897—Medicaid Work Requirements


Fact Sheet: SB 897: Medicaid Work Requirements

Budget Brief: Prison Population Dropping, but Need for Services Remains High

Budget Brief: League Advocates for Greater Equity in 2019 Education Budget

Budget Brief: Valuing Children and Work: Opportunities in the State Budget to Improve Access to High-Quality Child Care


Willing to Work and Ready to Learn: More Adult Education Would Strengthen Michigan’s Economy

Fact Sheet: Proposed Rule for “Public Charge” Provisions Endangers Michigan Immigrant Families’ Well-Being

New Federal Tax Law Largely Benefits the Wealthy

Medicaid Work Requirements: Why Making People Work Doesn’t Work


Budget Brief: A First Look at Gov. Snyder’s 2018-2019 Budget: Little Revenue Growth and Few New Initiatives


Fact Sheets: Immigrants in Michigan by County

Fact Sheet: A Snapshot of Immigrants in Michigan

Falling Short 2017: Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Continues to Neglect Many Workers Who Need It

2017 Reports


The Benefits of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on Immigrants in Michigan

Fact Sheet: Clean Reauthorization of Federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Needed NOW


Enhancing Child Well-Being in Michigan

Fact Sheet: Most Michiganians Won’t Benefit from Tax Reform


Immigrant Families in Michigan: A State Profile


Fact Sheet: Top Threats in the Federal Budget

Budget Brief: Making Change: The State Budget as a Tool for Racial and Ethnic Equity | SUMMARY

Fact Sheet: Poverty Improves in 2016 for Michigan, Some Racial Groups

Labor Day Report: Michigan Has Lost 326,000 Workers Since 2000 


2017 Right Start: Annual Report on Maternal and Child Health

Budget Brief: Michigan’s Child Care Assistance Program: Challenges and Opportunities

Still Hungry: Economic Recovery Leaves Many Michiganians Without Enough to Eat


Parental Incarceration Takes Devastating Toll on Children

Budget Brief: Highlights of the 2018 State Budget


Budget Brief: School Aid and Education Conference Committees Include Expanded Funding for Early Learning and High-Poverty Schools

Budget Brief: Human Services Conference Committee Budget Falls Short in Reducing Poverty

Fact Sheet: Federal Budget Cuts Threaten Michigan: Michigan is Second Most Reliant on Federal Funds in U.S. As Percentage of Total State Spending


Budget Brief: Now Is the Time for Investing, Not Cutting Taxes

Making Ends Meet in Michigan: A Basic Needs Income Level for Family Well-Being 2017

Budget Brief: Reducing Incarceration is Good, but Corrections Spending Must Ensure Adequate Service

Budget Brief: House and Senate Healthcare Budgets: A Mixed Bag for Families and Children

Budget Brief: Michigan Must Invest Further in Postsecondary Education and Financial Aid to Improve Economic Security for All

Budget Brief: House and Senate Human Services Budgets Fail to Address the Needs of Families and Children in Poverty

Budget Brief: League Advocates for Improvements in Education From Cradle to Career


Budget Brief: Helping Children Succeed Through Michigan’s At-Risk Program

Block Granting Food Assistance: An Unnecessary Change That Would Hurt Michigan Families

Budget Brief: Protect Healthcare for 650,000 Michiganians

Budget Brief: Increase Adult Education Funding to Prepare More Workers for Job Training and Skilled Work

MI Data Book 2016


Budget Brief: Governor Proposes Needed Increases in Still Woefully Underfunded Human Services Budget

Budget Brief: Restore the Part-Time Independent Student Grant in the 2018 Budget

Annual Report 2016

Budget Brief: Child Care for Working Families–A Foundation for Growing the State’s Economy

Medicaid Block Grants and Per Capita Caps Are Bad for Michigan’s Health

State Financial Aid Leaves Adult Learners Behind (Updated)


Budget Brief: A First Look at the Governor’s 2017-2018 Budget: Smart Investments for Families Amidst Revenue Threats

Fact Sheet: Who Benefits: Income Tax Rate Cut to 4.15% Helps Wealthy Most

Willing to Work and Ready to Learn: More Adult Education Would Strengthen Michigan’s Economy (Updated)

Fact Sheet: Five Tips for Influencing the State Budget

Money Back in Michigan for tax year 2016


Fact Sheet: 10 Reasons the Affordable Care Act is Good for Michigan

REVISED 2016 Right Start Report: Maternal and Child Health


Archived Reports 2007-2016

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