Archived Reports 2007—2016

2016 Reports


Concerns about Business Incentive Packages


Memorandum: League supports HB 4598 to provide licensure for Certified Professional Midwives

2016 Right Start Report: Maternal and Child Health


Race, Place & Policy Matter in Education


Michigan League for Public Policy 2016 Budget Priorities

Vote Yes for Regional Transit in Southeast Michigan

Back to School Report: Rising Tuition and Weak State Funding and Financial Aid Create More Student Debt


Budget Brief: Promoting the Healthy Michigan Plan: Budget Cuts to Outreach Jeopardize Success


Fact Sheet: Time to End Income Inequality: Michigan’s top 1% makes 22 times more than rest of workers

Fact Sheet: Michigan Should Eliminate Its Asset Limit for Food Assistance

Ask Your Candidates


Budget Brief: The 2017 State Budget Fails to Protect All Children and Families and Perpetuates Economic Disparities

It is Time for Earned Sick Leave in Michigan


Review Tax Expenditures to Help Fix Michigan’s Broken Revenue Stream

Budget Brief: Increase Reforms and Support Services in Department of Corrections Budget

Budget Brief: Flint and Beyond: Cities in Crisis Need More Funding from the State

Budget Brief: Budget Funding for Adult Education, Training Will Help Workers and Boost Economy

Budget Brief: More Funding Needed for Low-Income Students and Families in 2017 School Aid, Education Budgets

Budget Brief: Support for Struggling Families Hinges on 2017 Health and Human Services Budget

2015 Annual Report


Budget Brief: Give Michigan’s Prison Reentry Population the Tools to Thrive

Budget Brief: Helping Children Succeed Through Michigan’s At-Risk Funding

Budget Brief: Michigan Continues to Underfund Adult Education, Hamper Workers and Economy

Budget Brief: Michigan Needs to Expand Child Care Support to Keep Families Working

Advocacy Guide: Your piece of the public policy puzzle

Fact Sheet: Crises in Flint and Detroit Compound Toxic Stress, Health Risks


Fact Sheet: Deplorable School Conditions: Investing in the Future of Kids in Detroit and All of Michigan

Fact Sheet: A Poison All Around Us: The Threat of Lead in Michigan

Fact Sheet: Crumbling Roads, Poisoned Water and Unsafe Schools: The Effects of a Decade of Disinvestment

Fact Sheet: A Blueprint for Disaster: Flint’s Crisis, State Government’s Challenges and the Policy Solutions to Both


Budget Brief: A First Look at the Governor’s 2016-2017 Budget: Short-Term Fixes, Long-Term Challenges

Fact Sheet: Michigan’s Budget: How Much Is There to Work With?

2015 Reports 


From Safety Net to Springboard: Using the Family Independence Program to Help More Parents Build Their Skills

Fact Sheet: Michigan Road Funding Plan 2015 at a Glance

Fact Sheet: 2015 Road Funding Plan Benefits Wealthy Most

Fact Sheet: $800M Budget Squeeze Looms With 2015 Road Funding Plan

Fact Sheet: Earned Paid Sick Days Support Public Health for All Children and Families


Enough is Enough: Business Tax Cuts Fail to Grow Michigan’s Economy, Hurt Budget | Executive Summary


2015 Right Start

Fact Sheet: Survivors of Violence and Sexual Assault Need Earned Paid Sick Time

Fact Sheet: Earned Paid Sick Time Benefits Workers, Businesses and Customers

Fact Sheet: Who Pays More? The Case for a Fairer Income Tax

Fact Sheet: Poverty is Still Too High in Michigan


Budget Brief: The 2016 State Budget: Gains for Some Children and Families but Deep Disparities Persist | Executive Summary

Labor Day Report: Economic Recovery Eludes Many Michigan Families


Fact Sheet: Healthy Michigan Plan: A Great Deal for the State and Its Residents (updated)

Fact Sheet: Healthy Michigan Plan Second Waiver

Budget Brief: 2016 Community Health Budget Continues Key Investments


Fact Sheet: Time to Care: Earned Sick Leave

Fact Sheet: Save Our Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit

Fact Sheet: Final Push Needed to Expand Healthy Kids Dental Statewide (updated)


Valuing Families, Valuing Work: Four Ways Policymakers Can Help Low-Paid Workers and Their Children

Budget Brief: Higher Ed Gets Small Bump in 2016 but Adult Financial Aid Rejected

Budget Brief: Gains for Low-Income and Early Learners in 2016 School Aid/Education Budgets

Budget Brief: 2016 Human Services Budget Continues Disinvestment in Families and Children

Budget Brief: Overall Cuts to 2016 Corrections Budget Impacts Some Community-Based Programs

Testimony: Presented to House Roads and Economic Development Committee on House Bill 4609 — EITC Elimination


Fact Sheet: Save the EITC – Don’t raise taxes on the working poor

Budget Brief: The House and the Senate Appropriations Committee Retain Special Rural Hospital Obstetrical Payment


Budget Brief: Funding for Third Grade Reading and Adult Education Threatened in House Budget

Clean Energy Brings Health, Savings and Jobs to Low-Income Michigan Communities | Executive Summary

Budget Brief: House Subcommittee Rejects Governor’s Third Grade Reading Initiative

Budget Brief: Investments Needed in a Critical but Sometimes Overlooked Component of Healthcare — Oral Health

Michigan League for Public Policy Annual Report 2014


Fact Sheet: Governor’s Proposal Continues Healthy Kids Dental Expansion (updated)

Michigan Must Ensure the Safety of Young Children in Child Care

Fact Sheet: Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Needed

Fact Sheet: Cutting Off Assistance to Families Won’t Improve School Attendance, Will Drive Up Poverty

Budget Brief: Governor’s 2016 Budget: Impact on Children and Families

Promoting Early Literacy in Michigan | Fact Sheet

Money Back in Michigan for Tax Year 2014


Budget Brief: A First Look at the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

Fact Sheet: A Solution at Last to Michigan’s Crumbling Roads: Why the Road Funding Ballot Proposal is a Win-Win for Everyone

Fact Sheet: Income Tax Cuts:  Financially Irresponsible and No Economic Benefit (updated)


Fact Sheet: Restoring the Michigan EITC Will Help Working Families (updated)

State’s Failure to Guarantee Child Care Safety Places Children at Risk


2014 Reports



Road Funding Proposals: Let’s Not Make it Harder for People to Get to Work!


Fact Sheet: It’s Time for Michigan to Clear the Air

Fact Sheet: Support Clean Energy in Michigan


Ask Your Candidates

Fact Sheet: Support Clean Energy in Michigan

Failure to Invest in High-Quality Child Care Hurts Children and State’s Economy

Fact Sheet: Pay Falls for Men Earning Low Wages, Yet Women Far Behind


Labor Day in Michigan Report: Pay Falls for Low-Wage Men yet Women Still Far Behind

State Financial Aid Leaves Adult Learners Behind

Fact Sheet: Education Funding Lags in Michigan


Fact Sheet: Michigan ranks behind most states when it comes to education

Fact Sheet: Expand Healthy Kids Dental Statewide (updated)

Budget Brief: Final Corrections Budget Invests in Prevention, Reflects Health Care Savings

Budget Brief: Human Services Budget Reflects Continuing Steep Caseload Declines

Budget Brief: Postsecondary Education Budgets Take Good Steps, But University Tuition Remains Unaffordable

Budget Brief: Community Health Budget Offers Key Investments in Healthy Workforce

Budget Brief: Preschool Boosted, Per-Pupil Funding Increased in Education Budgets Signed by Governor


Right Start in Michigan 2014: Maternal and Infant Well-Being in Michigan’s Legacy Cities

Budget Brief: Fiscal Year 2015 Budget: Wins and Losses for Families and Children

Budget Brief: The House and Senate Approve Modest Increases for Universities and Community Colleges for FY 2015

Budget Brief: Contact legislators to support vital services in the FY 2015 state budget


Budget Brief; Senate and House Approve School Aid and Education Budgets for FY 2015

Testimony: Senate Bill 934 (minimum wage)

Budget Brief: House and Senate Approve Corrections FY 2015 Budget

Budget Brief: Senate and House Approve DHS FY 2015 Budget


Fact Sheet: Healthy Michigan Plan (updated)

Fact Sheet: Cuts to Michigan EITC Raise Taxes on Working Families

Budget Brief: Senate and House Subcommittees Approve DHS FY 2015 Budget

Fact Sheet: Raising the Minimum Wage Helps Women, Promotes Pay Equity


Budget Brief: A closer look at the FY2015 budget for DHS

Budget Brief: A closer look at the Gov.’s FY2015 budget for DCH

Annual Report 2013

Healthy Michigan Plan

Fact Sheet: Restore Michigan’s EITC to Help Working Families (updated)

Making Ends Meet in Michigan: A Basic Needs Income Level for Family Well-Being


Fact Sheet: The Affordable Care Act in Michigan (updated)

Fact Sheet: Healthy Kids Dental Program Feb. 2014

Budget Brief: A First Look at the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

Raising the Minimum Wage: Good for Working Families, Good for Michigan’s Economy


Tax Cuts Won’t Grow the Economy

2013 League Reports

DECEMBER Dec. 9 Policy Forum — Municipal Crises: Symptoms and Solutions


The Path to Prosperity: Ten Steps Michigan Must Take to Strengthen Its Economy


Food Assistance at Risk

Raising the Minimum Wage: Good for Working Families, Good for Michigan’s Economy


Budget Brief: The FY 2014 Budget: Gains for Some Children & Families but Deep Disparities Persist (updated) | Executive Summary

Economic Security Bulletin: Food assistance responds to need while cash assistance caseloads fall

Michigan’s Health Insurance Marketplace Will Open for Business Oct. 1 | Executive Summary


Labor Day Report: Michigan’s Paycheck Blues

Low-Income Michiganians Face Food Assistance Cut in November


Fact Sheet: Michigan EITC Helps Working Families (update)

The Michigan EITC: A Small Investment that Makes a Big Difference (update)

Budget Brief: The 2014 State Budget: Some Opportunities Missed

Budget Brief: Legislative Action Completed on FY 2014 Budget for Community Health

Budget Brief: Michigan House and Senate Reach Agreement on FY 2014 Universities and Community Colleges

Budget Brief: Michigan House and Senate Reach Agreement on FY 2014 Corrections Budget


Budget Brief: Michigan House & Senate Reach Agreement on the FY 2014 Human Services Budget

Budget Brief: Conference Committee Approves FY 14 School Aid

Budget Brief: The 2014 State Budget: What’s at Stake for Low-Income Michigan Residents?

2013 Mother’s Day Report: The Federal Income Tax Credit & Child Tax Credit

Economic Security Bulletin: In March 2013, Lowest FIP Caseload Ever

Right Start in Michigan and Its Great Start Collaboratives 2013: Trends in Maternal and Infant Well-Being Report | Executive Summary

Fact Sheet: Taxing Internet Sales (update)

How Sequestration Will Impact Michigan (update)


Budget Brief: FY 2014 Budget for the Department of Human Services: What is at Stake for Michigan’s Low-Income Families?

Budget Brief: House and Senate Subcommittee Approve FY 2014 Budgets for Corrections

Medicaid Expansion Could Benefit Michigan Babies

Budget Brief: House Subcommittees Approve FY 2014 Budgets for Higher Education, Community Colleges


Budget Brief: House Subcommittee Approves FY 2014 Budget for Community Health

Budget Brief: House Subcommittee Approves FY 2014 Budget for K-12 School Aid

Leave No College Student Behind: Rewarding Institutions That Help At-Risk Students — Executive Summary

Budget Brief: A Closer Look at the Governor’s FY 2014 DHS Budget

Medicaid Expansion Benefits Veterans and the Economy

Testimony: Higher Education – Financial Aid Grants

Testimony: School Aid


Testimony: DCH Budget – Community Health

Testimony: DCH Budget House – Community Health

Budget Brief: A Closer Look at the Governor’s FY14 School Aid Budget

Annual Report 2012

Budget Brief: A First Look at the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

A Matter of Priorities | Executive Summary

Medicaid Expansion: Saved From the Cliff or Into the Chasm?


Big changes for taxpayers as tax changes kick in

Losing Ground: A Call for Meaningful Tax Reform in Michigan | Executive Summary

Fact Sheet: Michigan EITC Helps Working Families

2012 League Reports


Economic Security Bulletin: Michigan Unemployment Improving, but Slowly

Testimony: SB1386 – Family Independence Program Eligibility Requirements

Testimony: Personal Property Tax

Testimony: SB1386 – Family Independence Program Eligibility Requirements

Recession scars linger – no group unscathed

Replacing Revenue Key to Successful PPT Overhaul – More Cuts or More Tax Shifts to Individuals Not the Answer


Keeping It Affordable in Michigan: Disinvestment in Financial Aid Grants Hurts Students and Their Families | Executive Summary

Bush Tax Cuts: White House vs. Republican Proposals

Michigan’s Exchange: A Fumbled Political Football


How Sequestration Will Impact Michigan


Michigan: Poverty up, income down, fewer uninsured

Michigan’s children and families: How have they fared in FY 13’s budget and policy debates?

Economic Security Bulletin: Michigan’s Cash Assistance Casload Hits Record Low

Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion: A Win for the State and Its Low-Income Residents

Got Skin in the Game?  Summary

Labor Day Report


FY 2013 Budget: Missed Opportunities

Strengthening Foundational Skills: A Strategy for Restoring Good Jobs and Economic Security in Michigan


Testimony: League opposes H. B. 5729 which reduces the income tax rate to 3.9% by 2018

Testimony: Suspicion-Based Drug Testing for Public Assistance Recipients

Testimony: Misconceptions about FIP recipients in Michigan

Supermajority Proposal: A Super-Bad Idea for Michigan

Advocacy Toolkit


Testimony: Reduction of LIHEAP Funding CAse No. U-16978

Economic Security Bulletin: Cash Assistance Continues to Drop at Greater Rate than Unemployment 

Testimony: Before the Families, Children and Seniors House Standing Committee


Replacing Revenue Key to Successful Personal Property Tax Overhaul

Testimony: Before Senate Finance Committee

MLHS Annual Report 2011

Testimony: Letter to Department of Community Health

Fact Sheet: Michigan’s Business Tax on Personal Property

SNAP letter to Sen. Stabenow

Don’t Think You Use Public Services? Think Again.

The Upside of Taxes

Helping the People of Michigan During Tight Budget Times

Executive Budget FY 2013: Second Verse Same as the First


Testimony: House Appropriations Subcommittee on Community Health

Testimony: Higher Education

Testimony: Community Colleges

Testimony: Michigan League for Human Services Opposes S. B. 351

More than 46,000 kids were dropped from cash assistance from September 2011 – February 2012

Fact Sheet: Michigan’s Food Assistance Program (updated)

Economic Security Bulletin: Recent Policies Cause Public Assistance to Drop

How the Budget Can Create Economic Opportunity 
How the Budget Can Create Economic Opportunity — Executive Summary

Drug Testing: A Solution Looking for a Problem
Drug Testing: A Solution Looking for a Problem — Executive Summary

Fact Sheet: Why federal health care reform is good medicine for Michigan (updated)


Fact Sheet: More hurt for Michigan families (updated)

Fact Sheet: Who pays for the business tax cut? You do.

Corrections Budget
Corrections Budget – Executive Summary

Fact Sheet: Energy Assistance in Michigan

Tax Changes Hit Low-Income Families the Hardest
Tax Changes Hit Low-Income Families the Hardest – Executive Summary


Fact Sheet: Tax Internet Sales

Michigan children and families: How they fare in the FY12 budget

2011 League Reports


Ties That Bind: Poverty and Michigan’s Economic Recovery
Ties That Bind: Poverty and Michigan’s Economic Recovery – Executive Summary

Economic Security Bulletin: Decrease in Unemployment Accompanied by Increase in Food Assistance

Testimony on Senate Bill 806 — House Commerce Committee

Testimony on House Bill 5190 — House Energy and Technology Committee


Falling Short: Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Compares Poorly with Other Midwestern States
Falling Short: Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Compares Poorly with Other Midwestern States – Executive Summary

Testimony Before Senate Health Policy Committee

Testimony on Low-Income Energy Efficiency Fund House Committee on Energy and Technology

Food Bank Charitable Donation Tax Credit FAQ

Testimony Before House Health Policy Committee

Updated Fact Sheet: More hurt for Michigan families


Fact Sheet: The Big Tax Shift

Understanding Medicaid – Complex, Compassionate, Cost Effective
Understanding Medicaid – Complex, Compassionate, Cost Effective Executive Summary


Real People, Real Facts, Real Fallout

Economic Security Bulletin: Quarterly Food Assistance Caseload Falls for the First Time since 2000

Fact Sheet: More hurt for Michigan families

Bucking the Trend: Michigan to Add an Asset Test for Food Benefits
Bucking the Trend: Michigan to Add an Asset Test for Food Benefits – Executive Summary

FY 2012 Budget: Quick Draw Budget Misses Mark

Labor Day Report: Long-Term Unemployment Hits High Water Mark; Lengthy Job Searches Underscore Need for Postsecondary Training
Labor Day Report – Executive Summary


Fact Sheet: Infant Mortality in Michigan

Right Start in Michigan 2011 [Report]

The Key Ingredient: Data is Crucial to Building Michigan’s Workforce System EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 


Economic Self-Sufficiency in Michigan A Benchmark for Ensuring Family Well-Being (June 2011)

Economic Security Bulletin — One-Fifth of Population Receives Food Assistance or is Medicaid-Eligible 

Annual Report 2010

Tax Dollars at Work FY2009


Road Map to Opportunity & Prosperity


Testimony on FY 2011-12 School Aid Budget Senate School Aid Appropriations Subcommittee

Economic Security Bulletin — Unemployment Decreases Slightly While Public Assistance Cases Increase

Michigan Government Directory, 96th Legislature (2011-2012) You may also receive a hard copy by calling the League.

Executive Budget Cuts Will Hurt Families


MPSC Public Hearing on Decline in Michigan LIHEAP Funds

Fact Sheet:  Future Unemployment Benefits Shortened in Mich. Families (update)

Fact Sheet: Fix Needed to Help Michigan’s Long-Term Unemployment

Fact Sheet: All Pain, No Gain

Fact Sheet: Big Tax Shift


Fact Sheet: Michigan’s Family Independence Program: Offering Help to Needy Families

Good for Business: Rolling out the Welcome Mat in Michigan
Good for Business: Rolling out the Welcome Mat in Michigan – Executive Summary


Survival Toolkit

Fact Sheet: Keeping Kids Out of Poverty with the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit

Fact Sheet: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? (updated)

Fact Sheet: Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit

Legislative Bulletin – Year End Legislation

2010 League Reports


Fact Sheet:  Helping the 99-weekers in Michigan

Economic Security Bulletin — Motor vehicle manufacturing jobs see small increase over last year

Michigan’s economy continues to cause pain: Communities of color take a harder hit


Fact Sheet:  Jobless Benefits Set to Shrink to 26 Weeks


The Budget is Balanced; the Crisis Remains

By November 30, More Than 142,000 Unemployed Michigan Workers Will Lose Their Benefits

Fact Sheet:  Increasing the Basic Skills of Michigan Workers


Fact Sheet:  Michigan Immigration

First Budget to Cross the Finish Line read more

Economic Security Bulletin

Labor Day Report: Long-Term Unemployment is at Crisis Level read more>>


TANF Emergency Fund:  Critical to families in time of need

Recovery Act Tax Credits for Families

Child Nutrition Reauthorization:  Ensuring nourishing meals for need children

Fact Sheet: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? read more >>

Pulling the Plug on Michigan’s Future: Why Draining Resources Hurts Tomorrow’s Workforce read more >>

Pulling the Plug on Michigan’s Future: Why Draining Resources Hurts Tomorrow’s Workforce (Executive Summary) read more >>


Legislative Bulletin

Why federal health care reform is good medicine for Michigan read more >>


Déjà Vu: Michigan Struggles to Fund Medicaid Program read more >>

Good Ideas Are Not Enough: Michigan’s Adult Learning System Needs More State Funding read more >>


Silent and Stealthy: Michigan Gives Away $35 Billion a Year read more >>


Food Assistance Cases Surpass 800,000; FIP Cases See Largest Increase in Three Years read more >>

FY 2011 Executive Budget: Plan Fails to Restore FY10 Cuts, Chops More from Vital Programs read more >>

Hardest to Count, Most to Lose


From Poodle Cuts to Pedicures: Why We Need a Sales Tax on Services read more >>

Budget Challenges Call for a Balanced Approach


Legislative Bulletin

Annual Report 2009

Billions in Federal Recovery Funds Rescue Medicaid Through Increased Federal Medicaid Participation

Rates

2009 League Reports


Economic Security Bulletin read more>>

Legislative Bulletin read more>>

Michigan by the Numbers: Hard Times Continue read more>> Executive Summary>>

Children in Immigrant Families in Michigan read more>>

First Glance: Stimulus Dollars Flowing to Vulnerable Communities read more>>


Food Assistance—Feeding Michigan’s Economy and Families read more>>

Understanding Michigan’s Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefits read more>>


Stimulus Dollars at Work Policy Forum PowerPoints and Rebroadcast link read more>>

Legislative Bulletin read more>>

United States Census Data: A Snapshot of Michigan Poverty, Income and Health Insurance in 2008 read more>>

Budget déjà vu: Another continuation budget read more>>


Economic Security Bulletin read more>>

Tracking the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in Michigan read more>>

A Case for National Health Reform read more>> A Case for National Health Reform In Brief read more>>

Clock Is Ticking to Resolve Budget Deficits: It’s time for a Long-Term Solution read more>>

2009 Labor Day Report: Racial Wage Gap Grows in the Workplace Too many Michigan jobs can’t support families read more>>


Tax Dollars at Work 2009 read more>>

Looming Cuts in Michigan’s Budget Threaten to Widen the Gulf in Health Disparities read more>>


Legislative Bulletin Budget read more>>


SCHIP Reauthorization: A Quarter will buy Health Care Coverage for More Michigan Children [PDF] [Word]

Economic Security Bulletin – Unemployment climbs, but FIP remains unavailable for many families read more>>

Michigan Needs to Modernize Its Unemployment Insurance System [PDF] [Word]

Facts Matter is a series of briefs highlighting Michigan’s budget and tax system

  • The Budget Deficit: It’s Not Just the Economy [PDF]
  • Sales Tax on Services: Modernizing the Revenue Structure [PDF]
  • Income Tax: It’s Time for the Flat Tax to Go [PDF]
  • Senior Tax Preferences: Can Michigan Afford Such Generosity? [PDF]
  • Beer Tax: Held Harmless for Forty Years [PDF]
  • Estate Taxes: Michigan Stands to Gain Revenue [PDF]
  • Tax Expenditures: Silently Draining the State Budget [PDF]
  • Prison Spending: Corrections Takes Big Bite of Budget [PDF]


Michigan Must Reform Its Unemployment System Now read more>>

Michigan’s Incredible Shrinking Safety Net read more>>

It’s Time for the Flat Tax to Go read more>>

Legislative Bulletin – May 2009 read more>>


FY2010 State Budget Update read more>>

Action on Federal Stimulus Package read more>> Revised July 2009

Tax Expenditures: Silently Draining the State Budget read more>>


Economic Security Bulletin – Unemployment climbs, but FIP remains unavailable for many families read more>>

Legislative Bulletin – March 2009 read more>>

Poverty Trends in Michigan and its Counties, 2005–2007 read more>>


Legislative Bulletin – Final legislation that was passed into law during the 2007-2008 legislative session read more>>

Walking a Tightrope Without a Net

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Balm for Michigan’s Economic Pain read more >> Revised March 12, 2009

Public Services Provide Quality of Life for Everyday Michigan Citizens–Updated read more >>


Fact Sheet: Michigan’s New Earned Income Tax Credit read more >>

Keeping the Lights on in Michigan: How a Federal Stimulus Package and Smart State Choices Will Help read more >>

2008 League Reports


Economic Security Bulletin – Cash assistance caseload continues to fall despite record high unemployment read more>>

Weathering the Storm: What the Current Economic Crisis Means for Michigan PowerPoint Presentation from the Annual Meeting & Public Policy Forum. Jared Bernstein

MLHS — Annual Report


Legislature Considering Phase-out of Michigan Business Tax Surcharge Despite Looming Deficits read more>>

Legislative Bulletin – Status of legislative bills updated through September 11, 2008 read more>>


Economic Security Bulletin – Unemployment in Michigan is at its Highest Since Early 1990s read more>>

Importance of Postsecondary Education Increases While Financial Aid Eludes Many read more>> Executive Summary>>

Labor Day Report: Economic Challenges Underscore Needs of Low-Income Workers (Revised Oct 2008) read more>>


Poverty Day Fact Sheet read more>>

Tax Dollars at Work –2008 read more>>

Legislative Bulletin – Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Executive budget Proposal and Legislative Action to Date read more>>


Economic Security Bulletin — Regular FIP Cases Fall to Their Lowest Level in Five Years read more >>

Citizenship Documentation Requirement for Medicaid

Pressure on Medicaid Continues as Health Care Needs Increase read more >>

Federal Stimulus Package Projected to Cost Michigan $127 Million in Lost Revenue: Tax Code in Other Midwest States Avoids Revenue Losses Due to Bonus Depreciation read more >>


Head Start in Michigan: Critical Support for Children and Families read more >>

Right Start in Michigan 2008 Click here >>

Recent TANF Changes Are Favorable to Education and Training read more >>


Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Executive Budget Proposal and Legislative Action to Date read more >>

Tax Avalanche Awaits Michigan Residents Under “Fair Tax” Proposal ANALYSIS >> FACT SHEET>> TALKING POINTS>>


Economic Security Bulletin – FIP Caseloads Decrease While Food Stamps Increase read more>>

Legislative Bulletin – Status of Legislative Bills updated through March 14, 2008 read more>>


Fact Sheet on the Economic Stimulus Rebate


Fact Sheet: Michigan’s New Earned Income Tax Credit read more >>

2007 League Reports


Legislative Bulletin – Status of Legislative Bills read more >> and FY2008 State Budget update read more >>

The Changing Face of Poverty in Michigan: More Families Slide Into Troubled Times read more >>

The Future of Children in Michigan: Making a Difference through Policy Changes & Investments PowerPoint Presentations from the Annual Meeting & Public Policy Forum. Jane Zehnder-Merrell — Noel Bravo — Charles Ballard

Michigan League for Human Services — Annual Report read more >>

Economic Security Bulletin — FIP Caseloads Decreasing after Spike read more >>


Oral Health: A Critical Need for Children in Michigan read more >>

Tax Dollars at Work 2007 read more >> For individual county profiles Click here >>


Working Hard But Still Poor: An Agenda for Meeting the Needs of Michigan’s Low-Income Working Families read more >>

Click here for update >> (Updated Oct. 19, 2007)


Labor Day Report: Many Workers Lag Behind in New Economy read more >>

Economic Security Bulletin — New in this Bulletin: Medical Assistance Indicators (rev. Dec. 17, 2007) read more >>


Fact Sheet: A Snapshot of Michigan Poverty, Income and Health Insurance, 2006 read more >>


Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: Why Adult Education and Skills Training Matters for Michigan’s Future read more >>click here for Executive Summary >>

Agreement Reached on Single Business Tax Replacement


State Budget Update: Deficits Not fully Resolved

Working for a Living in Michigan – Brief One: More Economic Distress for Working Families read more >>

Michigan Child Care Assistance Policies: 2006

Economic Security Bulletin — Unemployment and Assistance Caseloads Remain High read more >>


Michigan’s Ongoing Fiscal Crisis: Falling Tax Rates Drive Ballooning Deficits read more >>


Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Executive Budget and Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Executive Order read more >>

Governor Granholm Issues FY2008 Executive Budget Proposal: Program Cuts, Tax Increases and Operational Reforms Recommended read more >>

Economic Security Bulletin — Cash and Food Assistance Caseloads Continue to Rise read more >>


Decoupling From the Federal Estate Tax Phase-out

The Medicaid Fact Sheet and Perspective

Recent Changes to Michigan’s Family Independence Program

Poverty in Michigan’s Counties, Cities and Townships (with total population over 65,000): 2005 read more >>


The Facts: Michigan’s Recent Welfare Changes

Substitute HIB-4409

Substitute HIB-4410