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    Michigan's budget is a document that outlines the state’s priorities to create a pathway toward economic opportunity for all. The League has outlined its 2019 budget priorities for a better Michigan and will continue to provide analysis throughout the budget process.

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  • Why Tax Cuts Hurt

    tax cut png 235x135Michigan lawmakers are pushing for election-year tax cuts, but Michigan and its residents simply can’t afford the damage these cuts will do to our schools, roads and bridges, public safety and communities.

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  • 2018 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book

    2018 kids count data book circleThis year’s book continues to demonstrate that race and income are critical factors to be addressed if we are to create a Michigan where all children have opportunities to reach their potential.

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    After getting the green light from the federal government and President Donald Trump, a number of states are pursuing Medicaid work requirements and Michigan could be next with the Michigan Senate’s recent passage of Senate Bill 897.

    Act Now_ Work Requirements Don'T WORK

    This attack on Medicaid could complicate and even eliminate the life-saving healthcare it provides for Michiganders with low incomes, including the 675,000-plus that are enrolled in the state’s Medicaid expansion program, the Healthy Michigan Plan. Click the icon above to take action to protect Medicaid and stop this harmful legislation. 


    What’s New

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