It’s Tax Day! Paying taxes is about building strong communities

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Alicia Guevara Warren

To build a strong economy and create jobs, we must invest in what we know works. Everyone wants to live in a great community with good schools, safe roads, quality parks—and more. Not only that, but businesses want to locate and expand in areas where there is an educated and trained workforce—and in a place where people want to live. None of this would be possible if we didn’t pay taxes.

The Upside of Taxes

In order to grow the state’s economy, policymakers need to recognize that families need access to high-quality early childhood programs and schools, affordable colleges and universities, and job training to ensure that the state’s workforce can succeed in today’s global economy. Many of the jobs being created in Michigan require education and training beyond a high school diploma. Investing in education and workforce development will help businesses thrive while helping hard-working people climb into the middle class.

Just as important are safe communities with good roads and secure bridges, nice parks and trails, and an overall high quality of life.

These are the things that our tax dollars support. These investments help to grow a strong economy and create jobs.

Cutting income taxes or corporate taxes might save each family or business a few dollars, but costs us all so much more by undermining support for these important services that businesses and families rely on every day. In fact, Michigan residents already pay some of the lowest taxes in the country. According to the latest data available from the Michigan Department of Treasury, the state’s income tax revenue was the eighth lowest in the nation on a per capita basis, and ninth lowest as a percentage of personal income.

Rather than thinking about cutting taxes, we should focus on making sure we have the resources we need to invest in the building blocks of job creation and economic growth. If we don’t, we will limit Michigan’s opportunities and undermine our own prosperity.

So, today, on Tax Day, I am a proud taxpayer, because I support investing in the communities we live in, the schools our children attend, the roads we drive on every day, and the many services we utilize every day. We owe it to our kids to invest in their futures and build strong communities for them to grow and prosper.

— Alicia Guevara Warren

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