No Head Start for Jacob

Four-year-old Jacob is the youngest of four children in the Erxleben family, who reside in a rural community near Cedar Springs in Kent County.

Jacob, who had been in Head Start for two years, was looking forward to preschool, but cuts from the federal sequestration means he will not be able to attend Head Start this fall – as his siblings did before him – since the funding cuts forced North Kent Head Start in Cedar Springs to terminate its Head Start preschool program. (more…)

Fiscal cliff in sight — again

Just two months after the last fiscal cliff threat, we’re in sight of yet another one.

If the sequester is allowed to go into effect on March 1 (just one week from today), fewer Michigan kids will be served by Head Start, emergency shelters will lose support and heating assistance to low-income households will be cut.

Congress is unlikely to take up discussion of taxes in this round of negotiations (most were resolved permanently by the American Tax Payer Relief Act earlier this year). Instead, the new fiscal cliff is all about how to avoid the spending cuts required by sequestration. (more…)